The terrifying real-life tragedy that destroyed the House of Wax set

While the 2005 “House of Wax” did not become the modern slasher classic that Warner Bros. Could have hoped, it did better than the average box office, recording nearly $ 70 million in global ticket sales, per Box Office Mojo. Those numbers made it more than a solid investment, with Warner Bros. Brassing setting up a modest, albeit surprisingly, $ 40 million to fund the film. If you’re wondering why “House of Wax” cost so much, according to Esquire, it’s because the production chose to build an entire set city on Australia’s Gold Coast to shoot the film. And if you’re wondering about the disaster that nearly derailed the entire production, it looks like much of this set was destroyed in an accidental fire.

According to a 2004 report by Australian outlet ABC News, the accidental fire was caused by an unattended candle. Fortunately, none of the cast or crew of “House of Wax” were injured in the blaze, despite reports that it started while they were filming scenes nearby. While everyone involved had a chance to avoid the danger, reports claim the set itself was almost completely destroyed, with damage estimated at around $ 10 million. Fortunately, the insurance covered the destruction, so the bosses of Warner Bros. were able to reconstruct the set and continue filming without wasting much more time. Nonetheless, given the way things might have turned out, they’re probably still thanking their lucky stars, the only tragedy surrounding “House of Wax” is a critical negative reaction.

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