The end of House of Wax explained


In the morning, Nick and Carly are brought back to civilization in an ambulance. As the couple recuperate, police discover the Sinclairs have had three sons: twins Bo and Vincent, and baby Lester. Without realizing it, Carly once met Lester (Damon Herriman) when he took her with Wade in Ambrose. As the ambulance pulls away, Lester waves to them.

It seems to have been a sequel, an attempt to make Lester the killer in a new “House of Wax” movie, but the idea didn’t go anywhere. The film was a critical failure with a 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and actor Paris Hilton won the Razzie for Worst Supporting Actress. But according to USA Today, she also won the Teen Choice Award for Best Screaming Scene, so go for it.

Most of the stars of “House of Wax” fared better than the movie or their characters. Padalecki, who died first in the film, survived 15 seasons of the horror television series “Supernatural”, while Chad Michael Murray played a supporting role in “Agent Carter”, “Riverdale” and a number. of Christmas TV movies. . Even Hilton has made a comeback. The 2020 documentary “This is Paris” reframe much of Hilton’s past – highlighting the virulent misogyny of 2000 tabloid culture while also sharing Hilton’s past as a survivor of the struggling teen industry (The Washington Post).

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