Rust & Wax is one hell of a record store in West Palm


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Self-confidence is the catalyst for leading revolutions. But I digress, the revolution needs a soundtrack and these days it’s probably going to be televised, marketed, and packaged in easy-to-swallow packaging. Rust and wax Record store was an idea, an inspired concept. One was born in various forms (including pop-ups) before eventually turning into a brick and mortar location in Industry aisle. The owners, Mélanie & Jesse Feldman had a belief that West Palm needed, no, was hungry for what it could provide: an outlet for music fans to explore the genre and sounds without the usual judgment that is given to those less inclined to deep dives in the rhythm. We see you music snobs… put away the big sighs and catch those eyeballs before they fall off your face.

Nah man, according to Jesse and Melanie their new location is a lot harder because of the room to offer gender ratings. “In the old space (at Elisabeth station) everything was just in alphabetical order, and it was a lot easier for us, but also a lot cooler for people to discover new things … These days it’s almost impossible to divide things into gender, Beyonce could be hip-hop, soul, R&B and pop at the same time! “There are so many artists playing with styles of music these days that it’s getting very difficult to label things.”

Jesse went on to describe how he loved funk, soul, and jazz, but how these genres have now integrated into hip-hop and how it taps into culture in general. Melanie agreed and started to talk about their new classical section, and how difficult it will be to categorize as there are composers today who have a more “cinematic” feel to their work than one does. would just not recognize it as classic. “Adjacent classic,” she remarked.

The store was a leap of faith the couple made when they launched the first version in 2017, there have been a lot of ups and downs, especially during the Covid lockdowns, but recently the couple left their homes. “Day jobs” to run Rust & Wax full time. They believe West Palm deserves a world-class record enclave where all styles are welcome, and they’ve staked their future on it. The community can only thrive if everyone supports the cause. The power to believe in action, a revolution indeed.

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