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Payday Loans: a Lifebuoy or a Noose

It’s not uncommon that your savings aren’t enough to cover the costs of urgent expenses. It’s impossible to wait until payday to cover unplanned costs as reports.

If it’s a fridge that’s broken or plumbing issue People prefer to resolve the issue fast. They also have to take out loans or credit to later repay by monthly instalments. Most of the time, those with bad credit scores are at risk. bad credit score are vulnerable to high-cost short-term (HCST) debts, like payday loans as well.

Payday loans as component of the HCST industry have earned a bad reputation. Even though in recent years there were some improvements for consumers to these loans, the issue is far from being completely resolved.

The lending industry of HCST What’s wrong?

The HCST lending industry as well as payday loans particularly – experiences numerous loopholes that are prompting a growing amount of criticism about the industry and the exploitation of customers:

  • A flurry of payday lenders competing means increased options for the borrowers which allow payday lenders to accept an increased number of borrowers, despite their inadequate affordability checks.
  • Inadequate tests of affordability result in lower criteria for assessing borrower’s ability to pay. In the end, more loans are made to high-risk people.
  • The exploitation of consumers is due to the inadequate affordability checks that lenders use that result in further defaults, rollovers of debt and refinancing. They discovered that lenders can earn more money when borrowers fail to pay.
  • Inconsistent terms and charges that do not clearly state the actual costs and fees associated with the loan, which leads to confusion and control for borrowers who struggle to repay the loan.
  • Unlawful methods of debt collection employed by payday loan lenders used unethical and at times aggressive methods to collect their funds. The collection practices of payday lenders were usually far from the standards that official lenders must adhere to.

payday loans: Hidden dangers

Payday loans are those which are protected under the High-Cost Short-Term Roof. They are also the most controversial simultaneously. The majority of people who experience difficulties obtaining normal loans are seeking fast cash advances to resolve financial issues and then apply to payday loans.

Many even choose payday loans as a means to pay for expenses that are not able to wait until the next payday. However, the majority of payday loan customers is comprised mostly of bad credit borrowers due to the absence of accurate assessment of creditworthiness.

A payday loan typically is a loan that is repaid in the span of a week or month. Because smaller loans are typically made available, it does not take much time for lenders to deposit the loan amount to the borrower’s account. It usually takes just a couple of hours.

But what gave payday loans their controversial reputation within the lending industry? These are the reasons:

  • High rate of interest. Due to the excessive prices of interest, average annual percentage of payday loans can exceed an astonishing 500% in some cases. In addition the astronomical late payment charges are a part of the interest rates that incur an exorbitant price.
  • shorter repayment times as compared to personal loans. Payday loans come with the shortest repayment time – one week or a month to set. For some, it is difficult to collect this kind of money in a brief period of time.
  • Inadequate creditworthiness evaluation. Due to the small standards for creditworthiness, payday loans have greater accessibility and a wider reach. In the end, even those with credit problems who aren’t capable of repaying can get payday loans.

Cash advances: the situation needs to be rectified

The payday lending market was rife with problems. Debt charity organizations are receiving more requests for assistance than ever before from borrowers who are battling huge amount of debt incurred through payday loans. There must be a solution to it to stop the exploitation of borrowers in the hands of payday lenders and to ensure fair credit chances for all. Here are some guidelines to follow for that:

  • Interest cap
  • Capped default charges
  • Holistic cost caps


To allow lenders to earn a profit in one way and to issue loans with fair interest rates however, on the other hand they must depend on the latest technologies. Particularly, software for credit scoring can drastically reduce the chance of defaulting on loans. In the same way it is crucial to make use of digital technologies, not just in fragments. It is worth considering automating the whole process of lending. The lenders will require an option for servicing loans, a debt collection module, and a decisioning software.

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