New 454 Soy & Coconut Wax with 5-10% fragrance load


Summary of the press release:

  • The melting point ranges from 115 ° F to 125 ° F
  • Provides good glass adhesion and reduced icing
  • Available in a 45 pound box of wax flakes and is made in the USA

Original press release:

Fillmore container adds new soy and coconut wax 454

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – November 3, 2021 – Fillmore Container is expanding its line of candle-making wax to include Golden Brands 454 Soy & Coconut Wax blend made by AAK. Soybean and coconut blends are becoming increasingly popular in the candle making industry. 454 Wax is a natural herbal wax. This wax works great as a standalone wax – there is no need for paraffin or other additional waxes. This single cast wax provides good adhesion to glass and reduced icing. This wax is sold in a 45 pound box of wax flakes and is made in the USA.

  • Make-up: Soy & Coconut
  • Shape: flake
  • Pouring temperature: 155 ° F-165 ° F
  • Melting point: 115 ° F-125 ° F
  • Recommended fragrance load: 5 to 10%
  • Product number: 5854-1

This wax, along with the rest of our soy and coconut candle wax, TruScent fragrance oil, and other candle making supplies are available for purchase from the Fillmore Container website.

About the Fillmore container

Fillmore Container, formed in 1995 and based in Lancaster, Pa., Is a distributor of packaging products and candle-making supplies. Its mission is to offer the best selection, price and service for quality glass containers, including food containers, closures, canning accessories, candle containers, candle wax, oils. scents, candle wicks and candle accessories. Fillmore Container is committed to providing the best price, the best service and the best logistical support for packaging needs. The products are suitable for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical, and cosmetic and personal care applications.

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