How much scent oil to add to melting soy wax


Soy wax is environmentally friendly because it comes from soybeans and is biodegradable, unlike paraffin wax. Wax melts are much like candles in that they give off a scent when melted, but they do not require a flame. You can melt the wax on an electric burner or over a candle if you like. Making your own melted wax means that you can choose a scent you like and decide on the intensity of that scent. explains how much scent oil to add to melting soy wax, according to the melted wax and candle supply company Supplies for Candles.

Making melted wax is easy when you know how, but it takes trial and error.

Your first melt wax making can be a bit stressful as you might not get the right measurements.

Adding too much perfume can make your melting wax too intense and give everyone at home a headache.

Adding too little of it is a waste of scent oil, as you will barely be able to smell it when the wax is burning.

Do not worry, spoke with the experts at Supplies for Candles on how to melt the perfect wax.

Please note that variations in waxes, fragrances, and colorants can all affect the finished product, so what works for some melted waxes may not work for others.

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How to make wax melts

Prepare a clean, flat, empty surface to work on and lay out all the equipment.

Make sure you have your clamshells or molds handy, as the process can go a lot faster than you expect – it’s important to work quickly.

Weigh out the amount of wax you need (for this example we are using 100g), then empty the measured wax into a glass bowl.

Place the glass bowl in a saucepan half filled with water then heat your wax to 70 ° C, stirring gently. Do not exceed 80 ° C.

When all of your ingredients are mixed, with your wax at 60-65 ° C, it’s time to pour the wax.

Pour your melted wax out of the container and into a pouring pot.

Slowly pour your wax into your melted wax mold. Your melting wax should now begin to set.

Wait a good few hours for them to set and solidify completely.

Supplies for Candles recommends storing your melted waxes in a cool, dark place for about two weeks to “harden”, but this is not essential.

You can use your melted waxes a few hours after setting if you can’t wait to use them.

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